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The Netrhino UTM Firewall appliance is a network security tool that easily integrates your existing IT infrastructure, providing topnotch features to help you focus on your business instead of spending valuable time handling IT security issues.

Powered by a unix core, the Netrhino provides up to eight fully configurable 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interfaces and 1000 Mbps Ethernet interface allowing Network administrators to create multiple LANs, DMZs, WAN links and physical network zones as it suit their needs.

The Netrhino also integrates a transparent proxy and caching engine with a flexible content filter which scans http content for potential viruses and malware. A robust blacklist based filter allows blocking out websites or specific URLs from being accessed by system protected by the Netrhino. To
alleviate the eternal race between new content apearing on the WWW and updating blacklists, the Netrhino allows adminstrators to filter content based on keywords found in a web page. The Netrhino device can be configured to allow selective access to the WWW with user-authentification either via a locally-administered user account system or by fetching authentication information from an existing LDAP/Active Directory or Radius server in your company.

The Netrhino offers the ablity to load balance connections on a round-robin basis, providing a highly efficient system for distributing network load on WAN or LAN links.

To ensure your business continuity, the Netrhino offers a failover solution where a backup device is ready to assume responsibility for taking over, should your primary device fail.